Our Process

1. Initial consultation to discuss your marketing and media goals and define what success means to your business—this consultation is always free.

2. Establish a preliminary plan including possible/best vehicles for delivering your message to your target audience, estimated budget and general guidelines for your campaign.

3. Create a detailed plan and execute that plan from start to finish.


Who are you trying to reach? Where can they be found? Online? Television? Radio? What is your message? What are the best ways to reach your audience at the lowest possible cost?


You need to feel total confidence that you are getting the best deal for your money. We know you work hard for the dollars that make up your media and marketing budgets, so we work hard to make them work hard for you.


Throughout the process we are constantly looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of your spend. We have long-standing relationships with media partners all over the US and beyond and those relationships now serve you.


We spend our time watching your campaigns to make sure things are running smoothly, leaving you free to focus on your business.


What information do you need to demonstrate if your campaigns are working? We will precisely compile exactly what you need.

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