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Messaging mechanisms and vehicles are changing every day. Mobile, digital, linear, traditional, VOD. The list goes on and on. We keep on top of it all and bring you recommendations that will work best to reach your target audience and move your business forward.

Why do you need a professional buying service?

You hire a professional to do your accounting and IT so you can focus on managing the key functions of your business — why not do the same for your media negotiations? Experience counts when it comes to getting your name out there in front of your customers. Let us run your media efforts efficiently and professionally so you can run your business.

"I already buy my own media now. Why should I make a change?"

We understand that considering transitioning from a process you are familiar with, however cumbersome that process may be, to something new can be daunting. We will work with you, as part of your team; your business will be treated with the utmost care and professionalism. Media and marketing projects can be complicated and we make sure that all the details are handled and reported back to you. Now you'll have more time to focus on the business of your business.

Your Situation

You have a business to run. You have six meetings today. You have time pressures. You have tight deadlines.

Your Challenges

You need to maximize your media budget. You need quick responses. You need marketing results.

Your Solution

You need fresh ideas. You need real solutions. You need marketing and media expertise. You need First Place Media.

Why Work With an Agency?


Decisions on how to spend your marketing budget should be disciplined and well-informed. Multiple vehicles need to work in tandem to be most effective and avoid waste. There is a great deal of data and research available at no cost to clients that helps inform buying decisions to get the most efficient and effective outcomes. Knowledge is power!

Time is Money

Having a professional handle your business saves you time—you’ll have fewer marketing and media vendor calls to wade through. Proposals and packages are constantly coming at you and while you might be interested, how do you decide which ones are a “good deal?” We’ll field the calls and analyze the opportunities to get the best ones in front of you.

Smart Decisions

Vendor reps try to sell you on what works best for them, which is often not what works best for you. You need to reach your goals. Putting data and analysis behind your decisions ensures that you get what you need at the right price.


Experience counts when it comes to knowing what can and can’t be negotiated. Are you paying too much for your television schedules? Is your mobile campaign overpriced? What about production costs? Your marketing budget has to stretch and years of experience can dramatically impact your efficiencies.

Our Mission

To help advertisers efficiently and effectively communicate to drive business outcomes.

Our Services

Full Service Media Project Management

  • Over twenty years of industry experience in various categories including non-profits, home services, entertainment, retail, fast food, banking, professional services and more.
  • Media project management is all in the details—we handle them all with your success in mind.
  • Clients still control the budget and the creative message, but hand off the day-to-day management and vendor contact; out-of-rhythm proposals are evaluated based on client needs and goals.
  • Clients still receive all the benefits of placing media.
  • Running a business well takes time and focus. Working with a media professional lessens the burden on business owners by eliminating the constant contacts from media outlets looking to access your advertising budget.
  • Nothing to hide—clients see all the details of contracts and invoices. Beware of agencies that won’t show you what they place on your behalf.


  • Personnel training for agencies or clients—get your team trained to understand how to buy broadcast media
  • Concrete ideas on how to approach media buying in your organization
  • Best practices and tips for making your media budget go farther

Marketing Solutions

  • Marketing is a word that covers all manner of things: paid media, organic, point of sale, emerging media, in-market activations and more. We help you come up with creative ideas to reach out and be heard.
  • Connecting you with your target audience is the goal. How to do it is the opportunity. We work with you to fully understand your challenges and make the right decisions.

Agency Freelance

  • On the spot media buying resource for agencies
  • Seamless integration into an agency setting for “when you need it” media buying and execution
  • Provide temporary coverage for personnel transitions
  • Seasonal buying support during busy times of year
  • Expertise without the permanent commitment of adding a full-time staffer
  • Well-versed in various buying software systems and able to adapt to new circumstances quickly
  • Fast and efficient work

Resource for Advertising Services

  • With over 20 years experience in the business, we know who you need to complete your projects: creative, copywriting, production, etc.
Founder, First Place Media

Diane Herndon

Diane Herndon is the founder and principal media guru at First Place Media. She’s been working in media for over 20 years in adventures that have found her in St. Louis, Los Angeles, Seattle and Kansas City. Working in a variety of roles both on the agency- and client-side, Diane has experience with most every category and scenario, especially when it comes to broadcast media. But not to be outdone by the flood of millennials, Diane is well-versed in the online and digital worlds of messaging as well. When you run your own company for many years, you learn to wear all the hats. She loves to find ways to become part of the team with a variety of clients and agencies. All the while enjoying the fabulous music and food that her current KC home offers.

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